We are a self selected group of three International Fine Art students from Manchester Metropolitan University who share a common interest in the exploration of art. Our work varies between painting, sculpture/installation, drawing and video. Our group exhibitions show the different directions that can come about from painting as a starting point. We try to explore and understand art through different points of view - as International students  we share a cultural variety in mediums and thoughts.

Mariana Torres (Portugal) works within sculpture and installation, monotony, repetition and persistence as an exploration and experiment of the process of making art. The physical act of creation and the evidence of it.
Enric Montejano (Spain) The way we love, understand, like, feel, look after or teach can sometimes be considered as a violence act // Dialogue. Who is talking to whom? Who listens, who says? Am I writing and you are reading or you are reading what I learnt from you. Do we understand the same after reading the same words? Are you really teaching me? Am I learning what you wanted me to?
Rafal Topolewski's (Poland) work is defined between abstraction and realism. It tries to find dialogue between memory, interpretation and paint.